Diálogos Filosóficos

by Dolf van der Schoot


Diálogos Filosóficos: Educação, aprendizado e crescimento na Capoeira


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Diálogos Filosóficos: Educação, aprendizado e crescimento na Capoeira


In this book, the two authors – one being a master of capoeira and a computer science graduate, the other capoeira teacher and a doctoral student in philosophy – address education, learning and pedagogy in capoeira and in the world in general. Thus, this interview brings to the debate, in an informal way, a set of themes that relate to the social, cultural and political universe of capoeira in today and society in general. A book of many merits.



Dolf Van Der Schoot

Professor Filósofo - (Holland, 1979) started capoeira in 1999 with master Vladimir (Batuque capoeira), and shortly thereafter moved to Amsterdam, where he continued with Mestre Marreta (Berimbau de Ouro), his master to this day. He has performed in several capoeira events in Europe and Brazil. He currently lives in Aljezur, Portugal, where he teaches capoeira.   Dolf van der Schoot holds master's degrees in Political Science, Philosophy, and Education (University of Amsterdam) and is a philosophy professor in secondary education in Portugal. He is doing his PhD in philosophy at the European Graduate School in Saas-Fee, Switzerland.

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Dolf van der Schoot